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RED PADDLE CO Voyager+ 13.2

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Für wen ist das Board? Für alle Abenteuerlustigen – nimm deine gesamte Ausrüstung mit

Für die Abenteuer des Lebens … Das 13’2” Explorer+ ist das ultimative Board für Erkundungen: reich ausgestattet mit speziellen Features und für echte Abenteuer ausgelegt.

Seine erhöhten Seiten, das große Volumen und die etwas schmalere Form qualifizieren es zum High-Speed-Cruiser für erfahrene Paddler. Es hat vorne und hinten Gepäckschlaufen, damit du deine gesamte Ausrüstung mitnehmen kannst, und das Deck ist in diesem Bereich besonders rutschfest gestaltet. Wie das 12’6” Explorer hat es eine abnehmbare Finne, eine Nose-Runner, die bei Seitenwind das Spurverhalten verbessert, und zwei Rear-Runner, die das Heck stabilisieren, wenn das Board stärker beladen ist. Natürlich bekommst du es in unserem einfach zu transportierenden Rucksack. Auf zu neuen Ufern!


Zum 13’2″ Voyager bekommst du:

  • Titan-Pumpe
  • FCS US Box Fin
  • Reparatur-Kit
  • Wasserdichte Telefonhülle
  • RSS-Profillatten
  • All Terrain Rucksack



Who's it for? Life’s adventurers – take all your kit on your next expedition

Calling all life’s adventurers… The 13’2” Voyager+ inflatable SUP was created with epic adventures in mind and is the board of choice of many extreme explorers around the world.

High sides, large volume and narrower width make it a high-speed cruiser, designed for competent paddlers. It’s got a 6 point cargo tie-down system at the front and 4 point cargo tie-down system at the back for all your gear, and an extra-grippy traction pad to help keep your kit in place at the rear.

Like the 12’6” Voyager, it has a RSS battens for increased stiffness and glide when loaded with gear, a removable fin from world leading surfboard fin creators FCS, which slots into the fin box easily by hand and are secured in place with a finger bolt.  5 embroidered carry handles on the board make portaging easy and comfortable whilst also being soft under foot. The Red embossed diamond cut deck pad offers unrivalled grip so you can focus on paddling.

The 13’2″ Voyager+ also features a nose runner fin on the underside of the board to aid tracking in side winds, as well as two rear runner fins to cancel out ‘tail drift’ when the board is loaded with gear. And of course, it comes in our easily transportable All Terrain backpack and our industry leading Titan pump as standard.


Our patented RSS, or Rocker Stiffening System, makes our boards up to 40 per cent stiffer by displacing the riders weight over a greater length of the board. It works by slotting two stiffening battens into pockets that are individually laminated on to the side of the board. The battens are attached to cords held down with velcro tabs, making them really easy to remove.


MSL fusion composite and airtight coating, MSL involves fusing a second layer of hard-wearing polymer to the dropstitch core at the raw material stage, removing hand gluing errors. The high-tech industrial process saves almost 2kg in weight whilst making the boards stiffer at lower pressures. With our third generation of MSL material now in use, our boards are more durable than ever, if you don’t believe us then check out the video of us driving a 22 tonne digger over it!


When you unpack your Red Paddle Co board for the first time, inside you’ll find the lightweight Titan pump. It’s the world’s best SUP pump and was created by our expert engineers to make inflating your board a cinch. The secret is in the dual-chamber system and high-flow handle, which pumps air into your board at up to 60mph, ensuring it inflates to the recommended pressure level while using less of your energy.


Our Red Original All Terrain Backpack is a perfect travel partner for paddleboarders everywhere. Enhanced for 2018, it’s now more comfortable to carry thanks to improved straps (which are also easier to stow), while the red detailing adds a stylish, contemporary feel.


The 13’2″ Voyager+ comes fitted with THREE special fixings compatible with Railblaza and Ram Mounts products, enabling you to securely attach a mobile phone, action camera, your paddle when you’re taking a dip, or even a fishing rod.

What's in the box

With the 13’2” Voyager+ you also get:

  • Titan Pump
  • FCS Connect Fin
  • Repair Kit
  • Water Resistant Phone Case
  • RSS Battens
  • All Terrain Backpack